Petition to cease the transfer of WHXPS to academy status pending further OFSTED inspection.

We, the undersigned members of the Waltham Holy Cross School community, do not believe that our OFSTED Inspection result of ‘Inadequate’ reflects the good practice we see on a daily basis at the school, nor do we feel that the inspection was carried out in the professional manner expected of such an influential body as OFSTED.

The judgement implies that our senior leadership team does not have the capacity for rapid improvement, yet under the guidance of that same team our most recent SATs results have increased 18%. This clearly proves the report was based on historical data that headteacher, Mrs. Barnett could not possibly have influenced. The report itself was full of flaws, parent view responses seem to have been dismissed and the conduct of the inspectors was poor.  We question how an ‘inadequate’ result could ever have been reached.

As major stakeholders we request that all moves to transfer the school to academy status ceases until OFSTED revisit and provide us with an unbiased, fair and thorough inspection of Waltham Holy Cross Primary School. This would allow us to feel confident that our school is not being forced to become part of an academy, against our wishes, as a result of a predetermined OFSTED inspection.