Waltham Holy Cross Primary School

Parents are fighting against forced academisation of their children’s primary school, Waltham Holy Cross Primary, in Waltham Abbey, Essex, to NET Academies, which is sixth worst trust in England.

This website highlights the circumstances around the Ofsted inspection, the selection of  the Multi Academy Trust and issues with forced academy policy. It is our intention to fight the ruling that could change the school and the children's education for ever.

You can help - come to the Public Meeting

We're holding a Public Meeting at the Town Hall on Monday 3rd December at 6:00 pm.
The purpose of the meeting to share information about what it will mean for our school if it is taken over by NET Academy Trust.
We do not believe they are the best option for us, so we are looking for support to help stop it from happening.

For more information please see the flyer below (click on them to enlarge).

Public Meeting

It's their lives

The school was subject to the scrutiny of Ofsted last December and it didn’t go well. The result suggests that the school is failing the children and needs to go through drastic changes in order to improve. WHXPS was judged to be Inadequate and put into Special Measures.

It is not just myself that believes this to be an unfair, unjustified and unsatisfactory judgement....

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So what's the big deal?

So what, you might think?

Ofsted are the experts, surely they know what they’re doing?

If it means it gets better, surely that’s a good thing?

Well, there’s far more to it than first meets the eye. There’s a good chance that everything we love and cherish about the school today will be forced to change. This is not intended to be scaremongery or a rant — I’ve written this because I honestly think that very few people realise what the real implications are and what could happen to WHX

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A letter from a former Head

The following letter was been written for a variety of audiences including the Essex Local Authority, The Regional School Commissioner, The Secretary of State for Education and OFSTED.

David Williams wanted to share it as it provides invaluable context for the fight that WHX is going through right now.
Thanks David

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Next Steps...

We need to show how much support there is for this cause, so please spend 30 second to sign the petition

Also, please email us with articles or letters that we will publish here. Together we CAN make a difference